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January 30, 2013



They say threre's a perfect size for everybody, the new proposal from Louis Vuitton it's "small". A collection of afternoon mini-bags in citrus colours and neutrum to complement the perfect sping look. What do you think? You like it small too? ;)

January 29, 2013


For more than 7 months I haven't wrote anything here. Not a word. I have been silent. Maybe even without inspiration. I didn't felt like writing about Chanel “frame shoulders” in Paris or how amazing Raf Simons was for Dior during Paris Fashion Week, or nailpolish or trends. So I’m sure you all think I’m bring it up a big issue, an amazing story registered with lovely pictures. But not really. I just want to talk about my auntie Ana Maria and to relate some of that with my current taste of fashion. When I was a child, we used to visit near Caracas in San Antonio de Los Altos, Venezuela my auntie, mostly on the weekends. She lived there but was born and raced like my father until approximately 11 years old in Gran Canarias, Spain. She was very Spanish, and her house had a beautiful wood sealing that I loved, but my most vivid memories in her house where the times when I came running to her room, and sneak peak in the jewelry porcelain that she had in her comoda, there were waiting for my life filled with treasures… I felt the happiest when I could wear it all at once, the biggest pearls necklace, and green emerald earrings with my white panty socks and flower print dress crowned on patent black shiny shoes that make me look like an amateur runway show of Galliano. She had an amazing collection of jewels. My auntie just died last November but she was one of those persons who truly inspired me, one of those persons that filled up your life with defining moments, and now days, even if I keep my small contexture, she lives in every decision that I make of buying maxi accessories to complement my looks. The biggest, the heavier, the brighter, the better. A true disciple of the other Anna too, dello Russo (no wonder why i went running to H&M for getting any piece of her collection) So I just want it to thank my auntie, for letting me play with her belongs and having the future hope that one day, they will be all mine.